Genesys Cloud FedRAMP region - Fonctionnalités à venir

This preview lists the features scheduled for the next Genesys Cloud FedRAMP region release. The features will not be live in Genesys Cloud FedRAMP region until June 17, 2024. The feature descriptions in the June 17, 2024 Genesys Cloud FedRAMP region Release Notes will contain links to the accompanying documentation in the Resource Center or Developer Center.\n\nFor information about upcoming Genesys Cloud FedRAMP region feature releases, see the Feature releases and Announcements sections in Genesys Cloud FedRAMP region Release Notes.

La disponibilité des fonctionnalités peut varier et est basée sur des facteurs tels que, mais sans s'y limiter, la préparation de la région, les licences de produits et le calendrier de publication de Genesys. Pour plus d'informations, consultez le calendrier des versions de Genesys Cloud à l'adresse .

Automatically save wrap-up codes for improved call handling

Supervisors can now ensure that Genesys Cloud automatically saves selected wrap-up codes for interactions, even if agents do not click save or done before their after-call work (ACW) period ends. This enhancement guarantees that wrap-up codes are preserved when the ACW period expires, which provides an easier workflow for agents. Eliminating the need for agents to manually save their selections ensures an accurate reflection of call outcomes and allows supervisors to better understand and evaluate performance.

Enhanced dynamic filtering for real-time adjustments in campaigns

Administrators can now make real-time adjustments to filter changes that apply to campaigns in Genesys Cloud Outbound, which facilitates clearer modifications to dialing criteria. This feature addresses the need for flexibility in outbound communications and allows customers to target different criteria during a campaign without the need for campaign interruption. Administrators who enable dynamic filtering can retrieve records that were previously filtered out, which enhances operational efficiency and responsiveness to changing business requirements. This enhancement provides flexibility and adaptability to all users of Genesys Cloud Outbound.

Expanded campaign rule actions for enhanced automation

Administrators can now adjust the Max Calls per Agent, Campaign Weight, Number of Lines, and Compliance Abandon % using Campaign Rule actions. This new functionality enhances automation and streamlines campaign strategy management for dialer administrators. More granular control over these parameters enable administrators to manage campaign rules, reduce manual tasks, and improve overall campaign performance.

Alerting improvements

Supervisors can now use the enhanced and improved alerting functionality to better manage day to day operations. The improved process includes a refreshed user interface; new real time dashboard metrics; the ability to receive alerts in real time when a threshold is not met, rather than at the end of the day; and SMS, email, and toast message improvements to include actionable data and links to detailed reports where applicable.

Alertes améliorées par toast, e-mail ou SMS

Les superviseurs peuvent désormais consulter des alertes contenant des informations sur les conversations, les files d'attente et les agents. Genesys inclut ces informations dans les alertes basées sur la durée de la conversation unique et de la présence de l'utilisateur. Cette fonction permet aux superviseurs et aux administrateurs de voir l'interaction, la file d'attente et l'agent associés à l'alerte.

Gestion améliorée des alertes

Les superviseurs peuvent désormais facilement marquer toutes les alertes comme lues ou non lues et les supprimer en bloc. Cette fonction permet aux superviseurs d'améliorer l'efficacité et d'optimiser la charge de travail.

Enhanced dictionary management

Administrators can now manually add words to the dictionary within Genesys Cloud's Speech and Text Analytics feature, which improves the accuracy of transcribed words in voice transcription. Voice transcription services typically rely on standard dictionary words from the selected language, but organizations often have company-specific brands, terms, or acronyms that should be recognized and transcribed accurately. With this feature, customers gain the ability to enhance transcription accuracy by adding terms to the dictionary to ensure that organization-specific terminology is recognized with higher likelihood during voice interactions.

Enhanced privacy controls for ad hoc recordings

Administrators can now restrict access to an interaction's ad hoc recording section, which provides an added layer of privacy and control within Genesys Cloud. This enhancement ensures that only authorized individuals interact with recordings to safeguard user data and comply with regulatory requirements. By limiting access to this feature, Genesys Cloud aims to build trust, improve operational efficiency, and maintain a secure environment for all users.

Genesys Agent Assist knowledge surfacing and summarization support for Dutch, French, German, Italian, and Portuguese

Genesys Agent Assist knowledge surfacing and summarization is now available in Dutch Danish (nl-NL), French France (fr-FR), French Canada (fr-CA), German Germany (de-DE), Italian Italy (it-IT), and Portuguese Brazil (pt-BR).

Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows and Genesys Digital Bot Flows Turkish language support

Genesys Dialog Engine Bot Flows and Genesys Digital Bot Flows is now available for Turkish Turkey (tr-TR).

Remarque :  Cette liste fonctions et fonctionnalités est susceptible d’être modifiée.